Press Release

Press Release

Former Congressman Connie Mack Condemns the Colombian Government for Silencing U.S. Citizen Luis Andrade

September 12, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Late last night, Colombian authorities showed up at the home of Luis Andrade forbidding him from participating in a tele-press conference in an attempt to silence Andrade from speaking openly about the facts of his case.

The following quote can be attributed to Former Congressman Connie Mack, “The threatening tactics taken by the Attorney General to suppress Andrade’s right to free speech are thuggish tactics reserved for despots like Putin and Maduro. Colombia’s recent digression from the rule of law poses a threat to U.S.-Colombia relations. All Americans living abroad should rest assured that the U.S. constitution protects them even as they travel beyond our borders. The Trump administration, Congress and the public should be outraged with the recent dissolution of the rule of law in Colombia. Drug trafficking is at an all-time high, crime is rampant and now a U.S. citizen is being unlawfully detained all while Colombia is receiving aid from the United States. It is past due that the U.S. government intercede in this case to provide oversight over a conflicted Attorney General hell bent on scapegoating Luis Andrade at all costs to protect himself and his former clients.”

More information regarding Mr. Andrade’s case can be viewed here.

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